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Egypt Video, Pyramids

Does anyone here have stock footage, or footage you've shot of the pyramids in Egypt? I need some stock for a project. If you have some you…

Started by Jay MichaelLatest Reply

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Matchmaking/Engineering About To Get Worse

While I am happy to see the upcoming update, I am disappointed there was no attempt at correcting the broken exploits in matchmaking with h…

Started by donnie clark

0 yesterday

I would like to know what supercell are doing for the following questions

War matchmaking is killing my clan at the momentclouds are ridiculous at higher leaguesmax players (me) absolutely nothing to domax players…

Started by donnie clark

0 yesterday

Arrow Need a good update for th 9

 Please supercell like all the updates you gyas release is based on th 9 above like in 10 updates only 2 or 3 for th9 like it takes a lot o…

Started by donnie clark

0 yesterday

So it stops at 3k ??

Regarding builder base loot bonus..So, i just recently hit 3k trophy (3004 to be exact)I noticed that the loot bonus stops increasing at 3k…

Started by donnie clark

0 yesterday

Unable to download files for WoW

Anyone here who also can't download some files? Had to do an update today for i guess more 7.2 content and it kept giving me error messages…

Started by donnie clark

0 on Tuesday

Class Hall Mission Timers

I have been sending followers out on missions for 1-4 hour duration, but when I look at the "In Progress" tab, those missions have jumped u…

Started by donnie clark

0 on Tuesday

Did Dauntless token drops get nerfed for lower levels? 0 drops on 3 alts

I saw on guides it's a good idea to level toons through invasions for the xp and dauntless tokens drops so you got some nice gear when you…

Started by donnie clark

0 on Tuesday

Angry Anyone else pissed that blizzard let ppl abuse exploit to get flying faster?

Blizzard wants to keep subs, so they've time gated all the content. They put the invasions in, that botched. But they let people abuse the…

Started by donnie clark

0 on Tuesday

Catalogue of Imaging Instruments, it was Phil's idea

International Lunar Decade and all that. This is what I've found out from half an hour of Googling.It'd be nice to fill it out significantl…

Started by donnie clark

0 on Monday

The Lunar Night With Fuel Cells Options V

The new technology to generate electricity by recycling the water between day and night looks very promising. I tought it would be good to…

Started by donnie clark

0 on Monday


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