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Well I'm nearing my third year of not riding because I can't get my freaken carbs on my 78 GS750 figured out. When I was completely ignorant of mechanical issues I had taken apart my carbs COMPLETELY to clean them, this includes my jet, air, fuel mixture screws and what not. It's never been the same since, haha. I had taken it apart because my bike had a problem with after the bike was warmed up the rpm would absolutely shoot up if I was at an idle in neutral, say at a stop light. It would roar and I'd have to jam it in gear which is hard at that rpm in neutral and slowly release the clutch just enough to lower the rpm. Now I can't ride it at all. I've watched tons of videos on carbs and can't get them figured properly.
Is there a place I can mail my carbs to to get them reset to about where everything would have been at factory?

Please Help.
Thanks !

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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