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Do you know a Web site or Podcast that has useful information for DVProfessionals? Tips, tricks, resources, guides etc. Please don't post sites that sell your product.

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First off, let me say that I am not associated with the sites or podcasts I am about to mention. I'm just a fan.

I'm a real fan of the Internet. All that information at my fingertips. I do a lot of my research on-line. But, I drive an hour each way to work every day and that's a lot of time to kill.

For the past two years I have been filling a lot of that time with podcasts. No matter what subject I'm shooting, there are a dozen podcasts about the subject. Last year I shot a 10 ep. series called "Haunted Central Florida" for my station. I don't believe in ghosts and I've never gone out hunting them, so I turned to my trusty iPod. I downloaded about 50 podcasts ranging from a few min. to regular weekly 90 min. programs that run on CBS radio. (who knew?) I was able to learn enough about ghost hunting to find the people I needed to interview and not sound like an idiot when I talked to them about their subject. Knowing a little about them and respecting what they do, even if I have my doubts, got me in a lot of doors. It even got me an interview with the guys from TAPS,the most popular "Ghost Hunters" show on the air.

However, I'm not always on a big project, so I started looking for info about what I do. The first one I found was "The DV Show." Podcast. The also have a Web site. The host of the show does interviews with new equip producers, business people, wedding photographers, industrial and educational shooters. There is a premium part of the Web site that you have to pay for (a one time fee of $35) and in that part you can download a TON of software and get longer versions of the podcasts. Not that the free ones (available on iTunes) are short, some of them go half an hour and have some very useful trade, artistic abd business info. I did it and feel I really got my moneys worth. Things like, have you ever needed to convert some strange file type to one you can use. I'll bet in the download vault they have a free program to do it. I don't have to spend half an hour searching for it and trying to figure out what one I need.

The second podcast I won't miss came out of the DV show. The host used to do a companion podcast with the DV Show but has gone out on his own. Its "Entertainment Law Podcast." It's hosted by Gordon P. Firemark an entertainment lawyer in LA. I have learned more about the legal and business side of my profession from his podcasts that I learned in college or in 45 years in the field. The podcast is really pointed at lawyers, but the info for producers, directors and shooters is amazing. Best of all, it's free. No commercials, sales pitch etc. Just free info from a top AL entertainment lawyer. (I have not looked to see if he is on iTunes)

I think both podcasts and Web sites are worth a look.

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