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i've gotten emails saying a comment has been added to my profile, so i log in to my page & it shows the individuals names, etc... but, there are no comments & the comments section states No comments yet. are they really there & how do i access them?

thanks to anyone that can help.

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I'm also experiencing "invisible comments"
Same with me and I also tried the "Advance Members Search" to search for that name but found out that " No Member on that Name".
I've had exactly the same experience.. its pretty frustrating. I've sent messages to DVProfessionals to ask for help but so far none has been forthcoming. How are we supposed to communicate with other members and find work?
Wow! i had no idea this was such an issue. i don't know how to get DV Professionals to respond, it's certainly not professional & is enormously discourteous to ignore members calls for help but, it's certainly seems like there are 2 big problems. DZMC i did the search thing as well to no avail, if this is as pervasive as it seems to be, perhaps calling them out on another forum or Twitter might help, i'd hate to do that but, i'm genuinely annoyed, my time as well as others is valuable. i find it appalling that no one has responded to calls for assistance & that there's no "How To/Help" page.

perhaps they don't care about the networking aspect & just want us as "members" to "pad" their rolls for whatever reason. well, SCREW THAT!! maybe i'll head over to the 2-pop forums & do a post there about how this sucks & no one should waste their time w/ this lame excuse for a professional networking site. i'll start a new thread here about how this issue is affecting some of us.
Same here. I even tried clicking on the names of the people that supposedly left the comments and I get sent to an error page.
This site s^cks.
Joel Holland is the person you need to contact. I have the same situation too. Go to Members and type in Joel Holland and send him this link.
The comment was spam to a sexually explicit site. The member and spam was removed. This resulted in the gap in the system.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Sorry for the confusion guys--the answer is very simple: A couple people joined the site in order to post pornographic spam messages on profiles, forums, etc. This is not acceptable, and the members were removed. Because of this, all related comments/posts were deleted. Unfortunately it is not possible to retroactively remove notifications that you received comments, but hopefully this will clear things up a bit.

Donna--if you'd like to create a how-to or help page, please do. As a free enthusiast site I clearly don't have staff members working on this around the clock, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Or monetary donations so I can hire people to work around the clock. ;)

- Joel
well, i knew if i made enough noise i'd get a response. well i appreciate the the timely response, thank you Joel. i can work w/ info i'm given & thanks for giving it. i don't have the coding skills, but i'll get w/ a buddy who might & see if there is anything we can do. i'm very happy you got the losers of the site & out of the system, thanks again for that. now looking forward to a cleaner, healthier & hopefully soon a more helpful site.

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